More nurses to work in Germany

MORE nurses will get the opportunity to apply for work in Germany in December 2020, the German recruitment agency, Capitalent Medical’s spokesperson, said last week.

Tamara Kämmerer, the spokesperson, said this in an email in light of the 16 Namibian nurses that have passed requirements to work at German hospitals as of May this year.

“The [third] selection process will start at the end of 2020, and personal interviews will be in January 2021. All open vacancies can be found on our website. [ ] All international nurses will earn the same salary as a German nurse at the hospital,” she said.

The 16 nurses, Kämmerer said, were selected after they had forwarded their curricula vitae, degrees, diplomas and transcript of records to be part of the programme.

She said if the applicants profiles fit the requirements, they will be invited for a Skype interview and if the interview is successful, the agency will meet them in person in their home country.

“Twice a year, there is a selection procedure starting. Our first 16 nurses had been selected last year and they will start their work in Germany in May 2020, arriving here in April. The second selection procedure started in October 2019 and personal interviews in Namibia were in January 2020,” said Kämmerer.

She further said the group had to go through a German intensive language course, which was done at Goethe Institute Namibia.

She assured that the 16 nurses will be picked up from the airport and brought to their accommodation and would be accompanied on their first day of work.

She stressed that the nurses are without exception protected by German law and that the team would also have the chance to meet the federal republic’s health minister.

“We want to make a positive difference for society. We hope to change the world a little bit with our efforts to bring talented nurses and clinics together, so they can benefit from each other,” said Kämmerer.

According to her, the nursing profession should get more appreciation.

Health minister Kalumbi Shangula welcomed the idea of nurses getting jobs in Germany, although he wanted the recruitment to be more formalised. He also pointed out that Namibia cannot hire nurses without any existing posts.

Namibia Nurses Union’s acting secretary general, Junias Shilunga, who has been fighting for the employment of nurses, had once again expressed his concern that the government is churning out more nurses than it can employ.

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