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Insurance cover when you pimp your ride

it’s well known that South Africans love their cars, so it’s not uncommon to see flashy spoilers or modified exhausts (for that vrr-phaa noise).

However, before you set out to give your car a unique twist, make sure your insurer is in the loop.

King Price Insurance client experience partner Wynand van Vuuren points out: Not all car modifications are created equal. Some, like vanity plates, won’t bump up your insurance premium at all.

A snazzy paint job may have an effect on your premium, especially if the colour is metallic or hard to match. For example, if your car is metallic blue, it will be more costly to repair when it comes to painting the bodywork to match the rest of the car than it would be if your car was white.

A souped-up sound system may build up your cool factor, but is also likely to increase your premium. (Hands up if you remember the days when our car radios had removable faces that you could stash in your handbag!)

Some add-ons like dash cams and tracking devices might decrease your premiums, because they reduce your risk. If you have a tracking device, make sure you get a certificate and forward it to your insurer so it is on record.

Wild mods that mess with the safety of other drivers – like slipping in some nitrous oxide, dropping the suspension to ridiculous lows, or slapping on monster wheels – might render your car unroadworthy.

Simple rule of thumb: if there is anything on your car that is not stock standard, let your insurer know.

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  • Neesa Moodley is Daily Maverick’s personal finance manager and winner of the best newsletter in Africa in the WAN-Ifra Digital Media Africa awards 2024.

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