Monarch launches diving search and recovery service

The Monarch Lifeguard and Emergency Services launched a diving search and recovery service to address the critical need for skilled divers in Namibia at Walvis Bay on Wednesday.

Monarch owner Martin Muyenga said that the shortage of divers in Namibia has been a challenge for many communities facing water-related emergencies.

“It has become evident to me that there is a pressing need for more skilled divers to address this crucial issue. This need extends beyond just coastal towns, reaching even inland areas where emergencies may arise. During the rainy season, we receive an influx of calls for assistance, further underscoring the shortage of divers in our country,” he said.

Muyenga noted that the company has made significant investments in diving equipment to better serve communities in times of need.

The service will be offered for free, in order to help close the gap in available divers, as Muyenga said Monarch is eager to work with local communities and organisations to contribute to a safer and more prepared society.

Six highly trained and fully-equipped certified divers will be ready for any emergency search and recovery missions countrywide.

The emergency services company was established in February 2017 by Muyenga, who had been working in naval operations for ten years, after rescuing a number of victims at the Walvis Bay beach.

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