Model Training Programme Returns

Media personality Leena Shipwata’s model training programme will be making a return on
14 October, as the weather warms and the spring and summer fashion season starts.

This educational opportunity is open to all aspiring catalogue and runway models hoping to sharpen their skills or make an entry into the local industry.

Shipwata says the programme will be a comprehensive learning experience, aimed at both male and female aspiring models, encompassing various aspects crucial to success in the modelling field.

She says participants will receive personalised guidance on refining their runway walks, developing poise and confidence, building a strong social media presence, employing effective self-promotion strategies and caring for their mental and physical health.

Moreover, motivational talks by Namibian models and industry players who’ve made it internationally, and interactive activities will encourage participants to form valuable connections and create a supportive modelling community.

“You need friends in the modelling industry,” says Shipwata, emphasising that the training will focus on networking with others in their field.

She recalls the early days of her career, when meeting experts and industry pundits was a near-impossible task for upcoming models.

“I want to make that gap smaller,” she says.

The six-hour day will culminate in a professional photo shoot, and each participant will receive electronic Z-cards to enhance their portfolios and marketability.

Shipwata has gained recognition as a top model for the MTC Windhoek Fashion Week, walked the runway for renowned designers such as Ingo Shanyenge, Zuriel, Sirenga, David Tlale and others, appeared in the lifestyle and travel series ‘Ngatu Kaende’ of the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation, and hosted the 2023 Miss Namibia Pageant red carpet live.

Her time as a public figure has given her plenty of lessons along the way that she now wants to pass on to newcomers.

“I’ve been in the modelling industry for a while now. I’ve been taking myself and my brand seriously for a very long time, and I would like to help other people find ways to do the same and earn money.

“I also just want the industry to grow and for people and corporates to take models seriously,” she says.

Participation in the Leena Shipwata Model Training Programme is open to all shapes and sizes from the age of 13 up, and will cost N$600 per person.

Places can be booked via social media.

– Anne Hambuda is a writer, commentator and poet. Follow her online or email her for more.

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