Miss Earth Namibia reveals national costume

Miss Earth Namibia 2023 Martha Kautanevali has revealed her national costume ‘The Aloe Plant’ for the Miss Earth 2023 pageant.

Kautanevali left the country on 28 November to represent Namibia at the 23rd Miss Earth pageant, scheduled for 22 December, at the Saigon Exhibition and Convention Centre in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Kautanevali is among 86 contestants battling it out for the crown.

The costume was designed by well-known fashion designer Melissa Poulton.

“The leaves are made of silk organza which is a sustainable fabric, and recycled tulle fabric and then also green plastic leaves from recycled plastic bags. As for the glitter-beaded part, these are recycled beads that have been hand-glued onto mesh net. The hat is made of cardboard and covered by the beaded fabric,” Kautanevali said.

She decided on the plant, because of its ability to thrive in harsh Namibian conditions, embodying the spirit of survival and adaptation that is deeply rooted in the country’s culture. It stands tall in the face of adversity, just as the people of Namibia have for generations.

“When everything seems barren and desolate, the aloe blooms with vibrant, healing properties, mirroring the optimism and potential for growth that resides within us all. The aloe plant’s ability to survive and thrive in our challenging environment serves as a powerful reminder that we, too, must adapt and protect our precious natural resources for the well-being of future generations,” she said.

For Kautanevali, choosing the aloe plant as a representation of Namibia is a testament to our connection with the environment, a reminder that we are the stewards of this remarkable land.

Kautanevali said aloes are not only emblematic of hope, they are also a source of sustenance and healing. She said for centuries, our people have turned to the aloe for its medicinal properties.

“Its gel, extracted from the fleshy leaves, soothes and heals, providing a remedy for the ailments of both body and soul. It symbolises our ancestral knowledge, our respect for nature’s gifts and our commitment to sustainable living in harmony with the earth,” she said.

Kautanevali said she is committed to promoting environmental awareness, conservation and sustainable practices.

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