Man who threatened to kill another over shared girlfriend granted bail

A suspect who threatened to kill a man he found with his girlfriend was granted bail of N$2 000 in the Ondangwa Magistrate’s Court.

Joseph Hamunyela was arrested on 1 April and appeared in court the following day.

The Namibian Police reported an incident in which a man nearly lost his life late last month when his girlfriend invited him to her place.

It is alleged that the man (30) received a text message from his girlfriend inviting him to come over but when he got there, her other boyfriend (Hamunyela) also arrived. The girlfriend asked him to hide in the toilet because Hamunyela was allegedly very dangerous.

The man hid in the toilet but after a few minutes decided to come out of hiding, which is when Hamunyela allegedly chased after him.

When Hamunyela could reportedly not catch up with him, the man stopped running, thinking Hamunyela had given up the chase. After a few minutes, however, he saw Hamunyela’s vehicle coming towards his direction and started to run again.

“Hamunyela reached him, got out of the vehicle and started chasing him on foot while at the same time firing shots at him with a gun. When he reached him, he grabbed him by his shirt and demanded to know who he was, and ordered him to get into the car,” said Oshana police spokesperson inspector Thomas Aiyambo.

Hamunyela allegedly drove back to his girlfriend’s place with the gun on his lap, while questioning the man.

Hamunyela allegedly asked the man if he had ever heard of someone being killed and threatened to deal with him.

“Hamunyela then ordered him to get out of the car but he refused. He then called the girlfriend, who demanded that he let him go.”

Hamunyela let the man go and he walked back home, said Aiyambo.

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