Man accused of incest takes own life

A man (39) from at Sikali village in the Kavango West region allegedly took his own life by drinking car battery acid, after he was called in by a village headman and elders of the Kahuti village for allegedly impregnating his niece (27).

The deceased was reported to the traditional authority by the pregnant niece’s husband, who has been working outside the region.

“The deceased was taken to Rundu Intermediate State Hospital and there he lost his life in the early hours of Sunday,” said Kavango West regional commander commissioner Julia Sakuwa-Neo.

Village headman Albert Kampasi said the deceased was called in to be debriefed and informed that the matter would be referred to the traditional court.

“The deceased and the niece were both questioned after the pregnant niece’s husband reported the matter to the traditional authority. The deceased allegedly proposed his niece with N$300 at first and she refused and the second time she accepted and they had sexual intercourse while the husband was out of the region for work at a certain farm,” Kampasi said.

The headman further said the deceased and the victim were given the chance to testify about what had transpired.

The deceased’s niece said they had sex on four occasions at different places, twice at Cuma Road just outside Rundu, once in a crop field and also in some bushes.

However, the deceased disputed all the allegations of having a sexual relationship with his niece.

After being cross examined by the headman and elders, both the deceased and the pregnant niece acknowledged guilt, said Kampasi.

The headman added that as per the custom and regulations of the traditional authority they referred the matter to the hompa of Shambyu Traditional Authority to determine the way forward on the issue.

Unfortunately, on Sunday morning Kampasi was informed of the death of the accused.

He said he will still brief the hompa of Shambyu Traditional Authority on the matter.

The deceased’s widow believes the proceedings were not handled fairly by the headman, who did not provide any form of written notice.

She asserts that her husband denied having any kind of sexual relationship with his niece.

“The headman said to my late husband that the tree you tasted or ate, I finished and uprooted it, the plate you were saved to eat food, I also ate food from the same plate. These words touched my late husband and he left us behind, walked fast and got in a taxi to rush home,” said the widow.

Before they arrived home, they received a call that they should rush to rescue her husband, who drank acid water from the car battery.
They called for help but the Ncaute police station did not have a car available at the time.

They later found transport to the hospital, where the man eventually died.

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