Make the Right Decision in November

Fellow Namibians, you are going to vote again this year with the misguided illusion of change.

Lo and behold, Namibians, we are always kept in the same condition, which is getting worse with each passing year.

Unless we wake up and collectively say this is not the Namibia we envisaged, we all are going to permanently stay in this sewer.

The ball is in your court this year.

Make use of this opportunity to ensure change. It only comes every five years.


Decide whether you wish to continue living a deprived life or experience the promises made at independence, which we were looking forward to.

None of the sweet promises made have materialised yet, and if they have, they were minor or insignificant.

They have all been pipe dreams and have served only as campaign gimmicks. Look at Vision 2030 – how much money has been spent on it to brainwash you?

How much money has been spent to promote it? And today, it is absolutely impossible to think of Vision 2030. There are only five years left.

How can the powers that be even think of Vision 2030 while they were unable to implement the national bevelopment plans and goals?

We have not been briefed on the progress made in implementing these plans, goals and Vision 2030.

Look at how poor you are, and it’s getting worse each year. Your children are being taught under trees in a country blessed with vast resources, and the president claims to be unaware of it.

What is this? Children are dying of malnutrition while food rots in the food banks.

The unemployment rate is so high, but those responsible fail to implement policies and steps to combat this evil.

What hope and future do we have in a country which is going down the drain?

But you continue to support Don Quixote every five years.

You have been lied to so much that you believe anything they say.

You don’t question or analyse it.

They will come to you to campaign, ask them where they’ve been the past five years.

When are we going to wake up and say “no more”?

Wake up, dear Namibians, as those you continue to vote for are experiencing heaven on earth while you are suffering.

I am done with them.

Ernst Noariseb

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