Local event organiser reflects on Germany trip

ENLIGHTENING … German embassy deputy head Andreas Goetze and Melkisedek ‘Melkies’ Ausiku.

Namibian event organiser and techno DJ Melkisedek Ausiku, also known as Melkies, who recently participated in an information tour to Germany, described his trip and experience as invaluable and enlightening in numerous ways.

Melkies is the organiser of the Spitzkoppe ‘Between a Rock and a Hard Place’ festival in Namibia, a community-driven event that revels in music and several types of artistic lexes.

He was invited this year for the trip on the topic ‘Electronic Music in Germany’ in connection with a visit to the Juicy Beats Festival in Dortmund.

“This information visit has been an incredible opportunity. The learnings from this programme have empowered me, and I am enthusiastic about bringing the German standards of music and festival organisation to Namibia,” says Melkies.

He hopes such initiatives continue to flourish, bridging cultural gaps and fostering global artistic collaborations, he says.

According to him, engaging with participants from different countries, all passionate about festival organisation, music production, and DJ-ing, broadened his perspectives and understanding of global music cultures.

“It provided a platform to share our experiences, challenges and success stories, enriching my own approach to the festival scene,” says Melkies.

He adds that also being present at the biggest Juicy Beats Music Festival was truly a revelation.

“Meeting with the festival organisers, popular bands and artists from Germany, provided insights that one can only get from such first-hand experiences,” he says.

He adds that observing the intricacies of such a large-scale event and the collaborative effort it demands was genuinely enlightening as well.

According to German embassy media liaison and public relations officer Gudula Perry, the tour provided insight into the German electronic music scene and new trends, as well as an overview of the conditions for support, copyright and music education.

“Together with participants from different countries, Melkies met artists and key players in the field of electronic music, as well as festival officials and representatives of city officials and government,” says Perry.

Melkies was able to extend his trip privately and look behind the scenes at a music festival in Poland too, she says.

“I express my heartfelt gratitude that I had the opportunity to be part of the skills exchange programme in Germany,” says Melkies.

He adds that understanding the depth of effort, resources and organisation that goes into orchestrating such events in Germany was truly informative.

“This ‘behind the curtain’ experience has equipped me with a broader vision and specific knowledge that I am eager to employ in Namibia.

“A standout learning experience for me was witnessing how government authorities and nightlife or festival organisers collaborate to ensure a harmonious coexistence,” he says, adding that the level of cooperation and mutual understanding is essential for the success of the nightlife culture and he is keen on advocating for and implementing a similar dynamic in Namibia.

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