Local authorities union to address unfair labour practices

The Namibia Local Authority Workers Union (Nalawu) says the well-being and job security of workers will be its priorities this year.

Nalawu secretary general Chris Katjitundu said in a statement released on Thursday that his trade union is concerned about pushback from supervisors who allegedly victimise employees who are union members.

“We have noticed with great concern how workers [are] victimised when joining labour movements by their superiors […].

The workers are at all cost facing unfair labour practices, and these malpractices only happen after it is realised that you joined labour movements,” he said.

Katjitundu also said Nalawu would organise to represent and seek justice for workers who have faced discrimination.

“Rest assured that the leadership of Nalawu has taken upon themselves to fight with determination all these evils and malpractices against our members and there will be no mercy for the perpetrators as we will bring them to book even if it will cause us to approach the line ministry or minister himself,” he said.

Among Nalawu’s new year’s resolutions are salary increases and fringe benefits such as housing and municipal rebates.

Katjitundu said the union will fight against the capping of salary increments for local authority employees.

“Salary increments that are capped to a mere 3% are unacceptable. The economy is harsh out there to all of us, we can’t allow these decisions by the line ministry to continue unchallenged,” he said.

The union also plans to sign recognition agreements with the Tsumeb and Mariental municipalities and the Kalkrand and Maltahöhe village councils.

“This year belongs to members of Nalawu to benefit from the same salary increments and benefits,” he said.

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