Lioness to Release ‘Funk’ – A Blend of 80s Disco and Funk


Award-winning hip-hop artist Lioness is gearing up for the release of her latest single, ‘Funk,’ scheduled for Friday.

The track showcases Lioness’s artistic evolution as she combines the infectious rhythms of 80s disco and funk into a contemporary musical offering.

Alongside the music, Lioness has prepared an engaging visual experience.

In collaboration with producer Preezy and South West Mastering from Finland, Lioness has diligently crafted ‘Funk’ with a focus on sonic excellence. The accompanying music video, directed by South African creative Dirk, promises to add depth to the project.

“I’ve worked with Preezy before and his professionalism is admirable, and Dirk and I understand each other well,” she says of the collaborations.

‘Funk’ is the result of Lioness’s musical curiosity and willingness to experiment. Departing from her previous EP, which featured a fusion of dance and Afro-beats, this new direction underscores her commitment to personal growth through exploration.

In preparation for ‘Funk,’ Lioness sought vocal lessons from gospel singer Maranatha to ensure the highest quality performance as a dedication to the perfection of the track.

‘Funk’ was composed in a single day and recorded within two days, highlighting Lioness’s unwavering dedication to her craft and infectious energy as she continues to redefine the Namibian music landscape.

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