Leaders address GBV amid cultural concerns

Artist and spiritualist Hishishi Shikongeni said to Desert Radio on Thursday that a culture that has removed traditional beliefs and values has taken over discipline.

This comes amid a wave of violence that has seen four women killed in alleged crimes of passion.

He added that with traditional values, women were given the respect they were owed, and vice versa with men.

Shikongeni made reference to a scenario in which woman want to step into masculine roles and want to fight like men, adding that “that’s not our culture.”

Council of Churches in Namibia general secretary Ludwig Beukes said on the same platform that what is currently happening in Namibia is disheartening.

“The message of the church is the message of love,” Beukes added.

General secretary and board of director member of the Windhoek Islamic Center Armas Shikongo said the union of man and woman is a complementary one, where the key to cementing the two individuals is love and mercy.

He highlighted that if these two elements are missing, then hatred and aggression can take over.

Shikongo said that the issue of gender-based violence is being problematised, because once it is reduced to gender, all other issues associated with it are missed.

“Whenever we try to come up with solutions, we have to have a multidimensional perspective,” he said, adding that the Quran puts emphasis on women being treated fairly and with kindness.

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