Lazza urges DJs to play local music

FUMING … Lazza is furious at local DJs for only playing foreign music. Photo: Contributed

Musician Lasarus Mvula, better known as Lazza, says local DJs have a tendency to promote foreign instead of local music, ruining the local industry.

He says there is a need for artists to work together to develop the local music scene.

Lazza, however, feels it is DJs’ and music promoters’ responsibility to prioritise playing local music at events.

“Even if you go to local clubs or events, you will only find three or four local songs being played. Most of the songs being played are foreign music, which is discouraging.

“This is killing the industry, because people feel like there is no new music in Namibia,” he says.

Lazza says local artists are constantly releasing new music, but their songs don’t go viral, no matter how good they are.

“This is the biggest problem we are facing in the industry as artists,” he says.

“The only way people are exposed to new music is when you go to an expo, a trade fair, or a certain show. Most people actually prefer local music, but you only find foreign music being played,” he says.

Denzel Leroy //Naobeb, known as NSK, an award-winning radio personality and industry consultant, says the issue is due to a lack of awareness.

“Entertainment is a business. You cater to the market where there is a demand, or you create a demand where your music needs to be relevant,” he says.

NSK says musicians should not assume their music would automatically be playlisted.

“It does not work like that. Musicians, as business entities, need to create a demand for their music. That way, radio stations and event organisers will take note and playlist it,” he says.

Lazza, who is known for a few hits such as ‘Oshapuka’, featuring Sunny Boy, and ‘Mwamwala’, featuring Ann Singer, released a new album titled ‘Simaneka’ last month.

He says the 14-track album, which means ‘respect’ in English, is about respecting one another in various ways.

His previous album was titled ‘Affirmation’.

“The previous album was about positivity in my life and all great things, and ‘Simaneka’ is all about respecting each other as we are all God’s children,” he says.

On the new album Lazza worked with different producers, such as the late Araffath, Elvo, Greg, Kallo on the Beat and Andrew on the Beat, whom he says are all “dope” producers.

He also features artists such as Kaboy Kamakili, Exit, Buju Katjoko, Teqla, Jayden, and DJ Vuyo on the new album.

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