Know Your Miss Namibia and Miss Teen Top 10

The top 10 contestants for the annual Miss Namibia (MN) and Miss Teen Namibia (MTN) pageants were announced at preliminary events in Windhoek last weekend.

The top 10 for MN are: Albertina Haimbala, Ausha Abrahams, Lidia Simon, Jameela Uiras, Shasmida Eiases, Martha Kautanevali, Aina Nghipuilepo, Jenica Engelbrecht, Biolla Uzera and Lency Kuhanga.

The top 10 for MTN are: Donel-Mari Louw, Thembi Kangameni, Lynn du Toit, Chamilla Greyton, Adelaide Both, Diina Shituula, Timica Goeieman, Angeline Mavara, Oriana Ribeiro and Innocentia Mukubi.

The preliminary principal judge for MN was Gerine Hoff, with fellow judges Beaulah Boois-Beukes, Esperance Luvindao, Ilke Platt and Deon Angelo. The preliminary principal judge for MTN was Jessica Mundie Uiras, alongside Maria Huudu-Eli Shiyuka, Vehonga Wisdom Mujoro, Annerie Marè and Denzel //Naobeb (NSK).

The preliminary MCs for MN were Mercedez von Cloete, Leena Shipwata, David Mbeha, Charene Labuschagne, Kelly-Moyao Tjituka and Sepiso Mwange, while the preliminary MCs for MTN were Remona Saal, Prime-Rose Harases, Rachel Nghimulitete, Morgan Doëses and Christoph Ndengu.

NBC spokesperson Boois-Beukes described this year’s top 10 announcements as spectacular and said all went as planned.

“From the introduction of new MCs to a crisp and clear live broadcast, the team is happy with the production and the positive feedback from the public speaks to the exceptional show the team put together,” she said.

Boois-Beukes expressed excitement about the diverse selection of the semi-finalists.

She said the team searched all corners of the country to ensure a culturally diverse selection which gives hope to little girls and young women across the country.

Boois-Beukes said the public now have an opportunity to get to know their top 10 finalists before the crowning event, when they tour the country.

“This is aimed at showing off Namibia’s diverse beauty and various landscapes and will help to promote tourism and ensure the public gets to know their top 10.

“Without giving too much away, the public can expect a night of glitz and glamour and a never-before-seen stage, since the pageant will be hosted in the MTC Dome at Swakopmund for the first time,” she said.

The crowing event for Miss Teen Namibia will take place on 7 July, with Miss Namibia on 8 July.

MN top 10 finalist Jenica Engelbrecht says she entered the annual national pageant after losing both her parents.

“I had to gather my strength again. I figured this was perfect for that. I want to show the world that you can also be a role model even when you are an orphan. This is also an opportunity for me to fulfil a dream. When I was 13, I wanted to enter MTN but I missed out on that platform. Today I am glad that I can live out this dream.”

MN top 10 finalist Aina Nghipuilepo says her journey so far has been all about growth, and walking the stage has been a dream come true.

“I have been dreaming about this journey since I was a little girl. I believe we must go after our dreams because if we don’t, they won’t come true.”

Nghipuilepo says participating in the pageant taught her the importance of learning from others, like her fellow contestants who have positively contributed to the experience so far.

“If we don’t learn from other each other, we will not become wiser and will always remain in the same place. You will have the same level of growth. It is important to always be teachable,” Nghipuilepo says.

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