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King Elegant

Afropop pop musician King Elegant is back and ready to make an impact with his long-anticipated EP ‘Music and Fashion’, due to be released on Saturday.

The ‘Mamarosa’ hitmaker, who halted his music career to focus on getting into a good mental space and to use his time to build a professional career, says releasing music comes with the type of energy he has at the time.

“I am ready now; you know life and the thing is I have a full-time job as well, and sometimes you can’t really do or be who you want to when you have a professional career on the side. But I release music when I want to, when the energy is aligning,” he says with a chuckle.

The upcoming EP is inspired by his love for music and fashion, as looking good is part of his lifestyle.

The EP will consist of not more that six tracks, he says.

‘Music and Fashion’ is produced by Ali on the Beat, Maritoko, Champions League DJs, Kketu and DJ Vuyo.

On why he worked with a variety of producers, King Elegant says he wanted to experience every producer’s special niche.

“I like exploring music, and working with different producers is to mainly just have a different feel from all of them. When working with one producer only, one tends to just have that one sound sounding the same,” he says.

Meanwhile, while recording his long-anticipated project, he says he has also been busy being a father and a loving partner.

“I found my person also, planning on getting engaged soon, we grow with time and she has become part of me. Soon, I will put a ring on it.”

To celebrate his second music project, a listening party will take place today at Li Lodge in Windhoek.

King Elegant says artists such as Exit, Jay K Nakaye and Blvcboxx will be making a special appearance at the listening party.

Pointing out his favourate track on the EP, he singles out the song ‘Flowers’. However, there are many other beautiful songs produced for the upcoming project.

“The day I recorded that song, I was feeling some kind of way, I was in my feelings and I was like people need to give me my flowers, it is a nice song and it’s hard.”

Expressing gratitude to fellow musicians who have supported his music journey, King Elegant says he is fortunate to have met renowned musicians such as Ras Sheehama and Exit, who have somewhat helped him shape his music career.

“I cannot mention them all but I am who I am because of the people I associated with, especially in the industry. In music, there should not be any competition as there is enough room for everyone to prosper,” he says.

He describes Blvcboxx Entertainment as his backbone and blood.

BlvcBoxx is a record label and movement hosting some of Namibia’s greatest talents.

Previously, it supported artists such as TopCheri, Slime, Tesh and Athawise.

Questioned on how he now manages to juggle between work and music, King Elegant says it’s a walk in the park as he does not allow the two to clash, through good time management.

“With music in Namibia, you need a full-time job to be able to fully finance what you love, studio sessions need to be paid, you need to look good and eat at the same time. Talent is not enough here and the expectations from people become unbearable,” he stresses.

King Elegant (Wilbard Uushona) is popular for songs such as ‘Cinderella’, ‘Mamarosa’ and ‘The Elegant Freestyle’, which went viral, as well as ‘Hangover’ and ‘Saka’ with PDK.

His first album featured songs like ‘Faith and Strength’, ‘Monima Monima’ and ‘Lavida Loca’, featuring Paige from the duo Ethnix.

The artist has also worked with other musicians such as Sesfikile and Don Kamati,

Although he only got his breakthrough in music five years ago, he has been passionate about music from a very young age, from being a backup dancer to having his own dance crew.

King Elegant’s music is available for streaming and purchase on and iTunes. It’s also available on YouTube and on local radio stations like Fresh FM and Radio Energy.

With the new project out soon, he says music fans can now look forward to an amazing musical treat and he anticipates that the EP will be a banger, while bringing a never-been-heard sound to the Namibian music industry.

He also promises more shows and music after the EP has dropped.

“I am back in Windhoek now, so definitely more shows and more smashing beautiful sounds coming, and remember to always look nice,” he says.

Advising upcoming and aspiring musicians, he urges them to go for their dreams while prioritising education as well.

– unwraponline

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