Keeping up with Luis Munana

Luis Munana

The Namibian cast member of the reality TV show ‘Young, Famous & African’, Luis Munana, is gearing up to go party in Uganda.

The all-white party, hosted by Zari the Boss Lady, a fellow cast member in the show, will be held on 16 December.

Munana says he can’t wait to meet his Ugandan supporters.

“The last time I was in Uganda was in 2016. I am excited that I will be meeting the Ugandan people, because I have a lot of support from Uganda.

“This party will contribute to the ‘Young, Famous, and African’ narrative, because Zara and I are friends on and off show. So it will just make our bond stronger,” he says.

Speaking about how he balances being a designer, TV personality and entrepreneur, Munana says he has learnt how to compartmentalise his work.

“I have learnt to give attention and time to each of my projects and also to have a team working on certain projects.

“I make sure that my projects don’t connect, so I use different people to do the different projects,” he says.

Munana says living in South Africa has exposed him to different markets.

“In Namibia, we do things on a small scale. It’s like we are still learning some of these things. But if you enter other territories, like South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, or you go outside of Namibia to New York and London, things are 10 times more.

“So, being in this space just shows me the possibilities and how our counterparts are doing things, and this is what I can plant back and take to my country,” he says.

Munana says he wanted to elevate his platform and be exposed to a bigger audience through ‘Young, Famous & African’.

“What Big Brother Africa did for me, Netflix has done it even bigger. Big Brother exposed me to an African audience. It allowed me to get bookings in Africa, but Netflix has allowed me to get bookings in London, Spain, and Portugal.

“It exposed me to a wider audience,” he says.

“Some lessons that I have learnt from the show include learning how to deal with different personalities, because these are superstars on the show . . . also navigating the celebrity life and seeing how other people are dealing with their work-life balance and personal lives,” he says.

Munana says he wants to grow bigger.

“I feel like I’m only getting started, and I feel like there is so much more I can do. So, I want to take my products to the world. I want to take the Zuriel clothing brand, RaZul luxury MCC, and the Luis Munana personality to the world.

“I want to enter big markets, and it is possible, because I am taking steps and measures to get there,” he says.

Munana says he is working on upcoming projects which will be revealed next year. –

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