Katima mayor brushes off vote of no confidence motion

John Ntemwa

Katima Mulilo mayor John Ntemwa has brushed off a motion for a vote of no confidence in him by the National Democratic Party (NDP).

Ntemwa, who was elected as the town’s new mayor in December, during a press conference yesterday said the motion is “unfounded and procedurally flawed”.

This comes after NDP councillor Simasiku Mukendwa tabled a vote of no confidence motion against Ntemwa on Monday.
The party believes he is an incompetent leader, Mukendwa said.

He said there is a significant lack of trust and confidence in Ntemwa’s ability to effectively lead the Katima Mulilo Town Council.

Ntemwa is not transparent when it comes to the decision-making process and fails to communicate effectively with council members, Mukendwa said.

“ [His] inability to address and resolve conflicts within the organisation, conducting an illegal election of the management committee chairperson, [and is] thereby creating a dispute among the committee members. Therefore, I submit the vote of no confidence motion in his leadership. This decision is deemed necessary for the betterment of our organisation and its members,” he said.

Ntemwa, while refuting these allegations, yesterday said Mukendwa’s motion was not done procedurally, as he handed it in a day before and not six days prior to the council meeting as per the standing rules of order.

“The motion in question was submitted only one day before the scheduled meeting, thus it was deemed inadmissible and could not be discussed.

“Further claims of a lack of transparency, communication and illegal activities are grossly misrepresented. All council meetings are conducted with full transparency, with all councillors duly notified and in attendance,” Ntemwa said.

He said he cannot comment on the election of the chairperson of the management committee, because it’s being contested in court.

The vote of no confidence comes at the back of Independent Patriots for Change party councillor Charles Musiyalike contesting the election of the chairperson of the management committee as he was not present.

He therefore deems the election illegal.

In January, in Musiyalike’s absence, the council, chaired by Ntemwa, elected Swapo councillor Namangolwa Mapenzi as chairperson.

However, last December, during the Katima Mulilo Town Council election and swearing-in ceremony of political officer-bearers, the three members of the management committee – Musiyalike, Mapenzi, and Christina Simanga (Swapo) – could not reach consensus on who to appoint as the chairperson of the management committee.

The nomination process came to a deadlock as Simanga nominated fellow Swapo councillor Mapenzi, however, Musiyalike refused secondment.

This remained because no Swapo member wanted to nominate or second Musiyalike.

As a result, Musiyalike later walked out of the meeting, and the day ended without a management committee chairperson being elected.

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