Karabo Ndjavera set for a musical comeback

CATCHY TUNES … Karabo Ndjavera is back with a new album titled, ‘Namibia is the Land’. Photo: Contributed

Singer, songwriter and dancer Karabo Ndjavera, who has dubbed herself the ‘queen of disco’, is making a comeback to the music scene.

The singer, who gained popularity over the years for her upbeat stage performances and catchy tunes, launched her sixth album, ‘Namibia is the Land’ on Tuesday.

Ndjavera is a versatile performer who possesses a strong voice, songwriting abilities and an engaging stage presence.

She has released six albums so far, including ‘Mbiritjita’, ‘Uuonda Konyanda’, ‘Kaiporo Kovitoto’ and ‘Meyaruka Konganda’, all of which have been well-received by listeners.

With the album, Ndjavera says she wants to inspire others to be as courageous as her native Namibia.

“Nothing can stop us from achieving our goals because we are the warriors,” she says.

Although there will always be enemies, we pray to God and entrust all to Him, she adds.

The music on Ndjavera’s new album is a blend of disco, house, Afro-pop and gospel.

The 13-track album has productions from Legendary on the Beat, DJ More Fire Otjinate, Drum Base and Uaraa Jaezuruka, who also contributed a keyboard solo that was crucial to the entire project, according to Karabo.

Penaami_Kauandenge, DJ Max-T and Ramana Kangombe are featured on the album.

Ndjavera says the album’s hit songs, including ‘Mondjindereke,’ ‘Ke December,’ and ‘Namibia is the Land’, will have listeners up and dancing.

The singer has been grabbing various gigs around the city and surrounding towns despite not having released anything in a while.

She lit up the stage earlier this month at the Independence Arena during the 11th event of the Meat and Beer festival and says her two consecutive performances in Canada in 2017 and 2018 at the Otjingirine Festival, which honours the Ovaherero and Ovambaderu in Athabasca, were her best to date.

At the end of last year, she also got the chance to perform with Tate Buti at Karibib, a show that won over a lot of hearts, she says.

In addition to the new album, Ndjavera has plans to start a dancing academy where she will instruct aspiring and ambitious dancers.

“I want people who are interested in it to get me on social media and the other thing is that I’m back now for good and you guys will be getting the best performances from me,” she adds.

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