Kandjeke’s report reveals ACC’s N$90 000 unauthorised expenditure

Paulus Noa
…PDM calls for Noa’s removal

The Anti-Corruption Commission’s (ACC) operational subdivisions exceeded their expenditure by an unauthorised amount of N$89 957.

This was revealed in a report by auditor general (AG) Junias Kandjeke on the ACC’s accounts for the financial year ending 31 March 2023.

According to the report, the ACC breached the State Finance Act by spending the unauthorised amount.

“The authorisation expenditure occurred during the financial year and is hereby reported as such in terms of the State Finance Act.

“Although Treasury authorisation was obtained to utilise certain expected savings for the defrayal of expenditure through virements during the year, two operational subdivisions were exceeded with an amount of N$89 957, which is unauthorised in terms of the State Finance Act,” the report notes.

In the report, Kandjeke urged the accounting officer to monitor and assess the commission’s financial standing.

“It is recommended that the accounting officer should closely monitor and review the financial position of the commission on a continuous basis to enable better financial control and take appropriate management action timeously to avoid unauthorised expenditure in future.

“In my opinion, the ACC’s financial performance and the use of appropriate funds is in compliance, in all material respects,” he said.

Junias Kandjeke

Meanwhile, Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) lawmaker Maximalliant Katjimune called for the removal of ACC director general Paulus Noa.

“It is quite unfortunate that the entity that is mandated with fighting corruption is actually the one accused of promoting and enabling corruption. The PDM vehemently fought against the reappointment of Noa and his deputy in 2021 and we even took the matter to court for these very reasons.

“Noa is no longer competent at leading that institution and we will continue seeing this blatant corruption for as long as he is at the helm. We call for full accountability on this matter and will take it up in parliament,” he said.

Analyst Joseph Sheehama said in order to promote transparency and accountability, the ACC, as the watchdog for irregularities in Namibia, should have disclosed the unauthorised expenditure.

“ACC must adhere to good corporate governance principles and avoid fostering suspicion. Upholding sound accounting practices is essential for maintaining credibility. However, the current situation is concerning.

“To introduce checks and balances and bolster technical and financial oversight within the ACC, measures must be implemented to prevent unauthorised expenditure, even if previously approved by the line minister.

“It is imperative for the ACC to maintain proper documentation to substantiate such expenditure. As stewards for the public benefit, the ACC must ensure transparency and accountability in all its operations,” he said.

When approached for a comment, Noa referred The Namibian to the executive director (ED).

“I do not have access to the report right now. Contact the ED who is the accounting officer to better explain to you what it means,” he said.

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