Kamati after ‘X Factor’

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Namibian singing sensation Sean Kamati reached the end of his ‘X-Factor Malta’ journey last month, but the velvet-voiced singer is riding the wave of the popular music show towards the career of his dreams.

Having won a slew of new fans, spellbound by the star’s soulful takes on songs by the likes of Prince, Seal, James Brown and John Legend, as well as by his vibrant stage presence, Kamati exited the competition having made it to the semi-finals, despite some static about non-Maltese contestants and a bout of bronchitis.

“I am honestly very okay with my exit. I was really ill and I know my last performance was not the best because of that. So, it was expected. Also, going into the competition, I was quite aware that the chance of me getting all the way to the final may be a challenge as it is a small island and people tend to vote for who they know,” he says.

“However, the support from back home and from the locals has been so amazing. Every day I get stopped by strangers telling me how much they support me and wishing me the best.

“I have never stopped and posed for so many pictures with strangers in my life. People are so sweet, though.”

As Kamati’s celebrity status grows in Malta and the artist angles towards new original music given increased interest from top producers, the singer shares that “business is very much rolling in”.

Kamati will be performing at Earth Garden, a four-day musical festival in Malta in June and, after spending a few weeks sleeping, recuperating and decompressing post-’X Factor’, the singer is joyfully back on the performance scene.

“My phone has not stopped ringing since my first appearance on the show,” he says.

The singer was described as “flawless”, “a natural”, “equipped with the X factor” and “having what it takes to make it in the industry” by ‘X Factor’ judges Ira Losco, Howard Keith Debono, Amber Bondin and Gianluca Bezzina after his very first live show.

“That voice, oh, my God. At the age of 34, for some people, they might think that’s the end of it, and some others might say, well, this is my time.

“I think, in your case, this is your time,” said Debono appraising Kamati’s performance during the live show.

No doubt Kamati’s time to shine, the singer, who is based in Malta, is excited about the future and to introduce international audiences to songs from his debut album ‘Status Updated’ even as he contemplates his next one.

“I am definitely letting people know I do have my own music and will soon be working with top producers in the country to work on more original music,” he says.

Kamati encourages fans to follow his journey on social media.

“Genre-wise, I’m not so sure what the new music would explore just yet, but I’m definitely not losing my soul roots. I’m quite interested in venturing into dance and house,” he says.

“The things are on their way.”

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