Jobs versus Positions

The ongoing struggle with unemployment will forever continue as long as the misconception exists that jobs can actually be created.

Firstly, the difference between a job and a position must be understood.

All jobs are positions, but not all positions are jobs.

A job is productive; work is done in an effective and efficient way and has positive results for which an employee is paid.

A position is a post filled by somebody who does not neccessarily do much, or even any real work at all, and money is given to him or her.

It cannot be called ‘pay’, because the money is in effect wasted.

Hence, positions are easy to create, and this is also done very often by African governments.

It goes without saying that positions are not sustainable and are in effect a dead loss, aggravating an already precarious situation.

In contrast, jobs come into existence by themselves, or create themselves, when the circumstances and environment are conducive.

Jobs also generate more jobs as they develop the economy.

Therefore, a government’s job is to facilitate job creation by creating the environment in which jobs can exist.

This does not mean creating positions and recruiting people to fill them.

Creating the right environment involves issues related to legislation, economics, controls, procedures, protection and many other actions carried out through politics.

Measure all new appointments against the above and decide whether they build or destroy.

Work Donkey, Grootfontein

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