Jeweller offers reward to recover N$2m worth of stolen pieces

Salomon Goldschmiede, the 42-year-old jewellery shop at Swakopmund that recently lost handcrafted pieces, gold, coins and precious stones worth almost N$2 million, is offering a reward for the recovery of the items.

“If you come across or suspect any such items being offered for sale, seen, or posted anywhere, please contact us immediately. Your assistance is invaluable, and a reward will be provided for any concrete information,” notes a recent post on the shop’s social media page. The family-business was broken into about a month ago. A police incident report has indicated that the suspects entered the business by breaking through the ceiling or roof. Items stolen include an unspecified amount of jewellery, precious stones and raw gold, along with one laptop. The total value of the stolen goods is estimated to be N$1 943 786.

“As of now, no arrests have been made and the police are continuing their investigation,” Erongo police spokesperson chief inspector Ileni Shapumba has confirmed.

Meike Lange, the second-generation owner of Salomon Goldschmiede, says two or three suspects entered through the roof of the shop and operated inside the ceiling.

“They knew exactly where the cameras were and where the big concrete safe was. It was definitely more than just an ordinary burglary,” she recently told The Namibian.

“It was literally taking everything we earned, everything my father has passed down to me and my mother. So it’s not just jewellery pieces that were stolen. There was private jewellery too that was stolen – a lot of sentimental value to it as well.”

Lange highlighted the broader implications of the theft, pointing out that the business supports five families.

“A whole running business was ruined by this. The whole financial future was taken away. It was my financial future and the pensioner security for my mother,” she said.

Despite the loss, Lange remains resolute about moving forward and working with the police on the ongoing investigation.

“It is with the serious crime unit now,” she said, expressing her gratitude for the community’s support while dealing with the repercussions of the burglary. “Wight percent are completely with us and are backing us.” Also, determined to not let this get her down, Lange announced on Monday last week that the shop was open for business again.

“After the devastating setback that took everything we’ve worked tirelessly for, we’re determined to rise again! Even if it means from scratch! The Salomon Goldschmiede team is back in action and ready to rebuild. Whether it’s repairs, crafting new pieces from melted gold, valuations, quotations, or new orders, we’re here and eager to serve you. Let’s rebuild together!” reads the latest social media post.

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