Is Green Hydrogen German Recolonisation?

We are all excited about the wealth and development the green hydrogen project could bring this country, but we quickly forget we will be sharing a bed with one of the worst oppressors from our past.

Green hydrogen needs two things: lots of renewable energy and lots of water.

Namibia is known for its water scarcity. The project says it would be using desalination plants, but if the water demand is too high, our water may be used instead.

This could increase water costs, leaving Namibians to suffer. Likewise, if energy has a higher market price in Germany, Namibia would not be able to afford its own energy – leaving us dependent on South Africa.

Furthermore, Germany has expressed interest in a similar endeavour in Chile.

If Chile’s – or any other country’s – green hydrogen is cheaper, what stops Germany from cutting our funding and crippling all our efforts and investments?

Additionally, electrolysis has huge energy requirements, and expansive areas are needed for renewable energy.

We can expect this to have a significant impact on our climate and wildlife, destabilising an already fragile ecosystem.

So, Germany reduces its emissions (great!), and exports the climate crisis to Namibia (not so great).

In conclusion, immense areas of Namibian land will be co-owned by Germany and they will reap the benefits of the natural resources of our country.

This is starting to sound familiar.

Young Namibian

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