Introducing The Kulu Travel Bag

Photo: Anne Hambuda

Budding entrepreneur Matty Kambudu is expanding his male-centred grooming and lifestyle brand, Big Kulu Grooming, with the introduction of his latest product, a large leather travel bag.

This elegant leather carrier effortlessly blends functionality with style, boasting a meticulously crafted design, featuring multiple compartments.

The black-and-brown options exude sophistication, making it the perfect addition to any man’s collection and catering to their organisational needs.

The sleek exterior is adorned with subtle detailing, enhancing its aesthetic allure and proving to be something of good quality.

The Big Kulu brand is embossed on one side of the bag in contrasting white.

Its thoughtful combination of form and function makes it a must-have for those who appreciate both elegance and efficiency.

The Kulu travel bag comes in two sizes, which are both equipped with multiple compartments in which one can keep small and large accessories and items.

“It’s your everyday travel bag, but cool,” he explains of the pleather creation. “The look and feel was to give simplistic gentleman vibes.”

The bag was manufactured by Kambudu, alongside his creative partners, Pius Djuulume and Tuli Shipanga.

Kambudu says this is just the beginning of the expansion of his enterprise, and that he is excited to be entering the fashion industry. He has, of course, worked closely with Windhoek Fashion Week and local Namibian brands in the past as a model and media personality.

Djuulume and Shipanga also work in the local fashion and entertainment industry.

Big Kulu Grooming is known in Namibia to provide quality beard and skincare products for men. Their catalogue includes durags, wave brushes, beard oil and other essentials for typical male-centred grooming.

The venture into luxury lifestyle products, Kambudu says, is a natural progression for the company.

“We wanted to figure out how we can get something cool to the masses, something we could relate to them,” he says. After thinking long and hard about what he could do for his ideal client, the ‘gentleman’, the idea for this came to him.

Kambudu tells us that the bag, in its two sizes, is versatile. He explains that men can use theirs for light or heavy travelling, the gym, weekends away, etc., and the many compartments allow one to carry an assortment of things ranging from jewellery and grooming products to one’s entire closet.

It’s an interesting choice for this brand and a welcome addition to other Namibian fashion brands boasting accessories and non-clothing-related items. It would be interesting to see if this becomes the quintessential male must-have product this year.

Kambudu says the launch was successful, with tonnes of interest being shown in the large leather carrier.

“We have a great demand, about which we are satisfied,” he says, adding that the team’s main focus currently is to put in the work and push to meet the demand of their customers.

But that is not all for Big Kulu Grooming.

There are plans to expand its range of male facial products.

The bags are available in the two colour and size options. Brown or black carries can be purchased through the company for N$300 or N$400, depending on its size.

– Anne Hambuda is a poet, writer and social commentator. Follow her online, or email her at for more.

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