Indian takeaway launches new menu

NEW AND YUMMY … Sabiha’s Indian Take-Away has launched a new menu. Photo: Contributed

Windhoek home-based restaurant Sabiha’s Indian Takeaway recently introduced its new menu, comprising curries, wraps, steak and chicken dishes, gatsbys, desserts, cakes and passion fruit drinks.

Founder and chef Sabiha Izaks says the change was made after visiting family in South Africa.

“While there, my brother took me around to different restaurants, and I tasted a variety of takeaway foods, and I decided to give Namibians a greater variety of food they do not know and have not tasted yet,” she says.

Izaks says she prepares her dishes with love and passion.

“My new meals come with a greater variety of taste and uniqueness. For example, one would not expect a dessert to be made out of rice or carrots, but when you taste it, you do not taste the carrots,” she says.

Izaks says her fish-and-chips cones are a light snack with crispy fish and chips, topped with a tangy tartar sauce.

She says her butter and Kalongi garlic naan are best combined with a curry dish.

“The Kalongi garlic naan is infused with different unfamiliar seeds, and our fresh cream rotis are different from the ones we are familiar with in the market. It has a unique texture and goes very well with chicken tikka and kebabs and curries.

“The poppadoms with salad toppings are crunchy with a sweetness, and it’s suitable for vegans,” Izaks says.

She says the sweet carrot dessert (Gaja Halwar) is also suitable for vegans.

“One would not think of creating the most divine dessert out of carrots. It is sweet but not overpowering,” she says.

Izaks says the alcohol-free pina colada is served with a touch of granadilla.

She says her business has grown well over the past eight years.

“I would like to give gratitude to the market organisers, as through their efforts small businesses are getting recognised. I would also like to acknowledge my customers who have supported me through the most difficult times – especially when I lost my husband,” she says.

“I think my success has been because of the way I prepare my dishes and present them. For me it is important to make my meals with love, passion and to serve people and not just to make money. My customers have become my friends,” she says.

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