Hyphy offers ‘Less Is More’

FRESH SOUNDS … Hyphy recently released an EP as a prelude to his upcoming full album, ‘Notes by Papi’. Photo: Contributed

Hyphy Shikongo, simply known as Hyphy, is back with the release of the EP ‘Less Is More’, offering a prelude to the highly anticipated album, ‘Notes By Papi’.

The EP details some of Hyphy’s daily reflections of life, love and various human interactions with the world.

Produced by Slage Pro and curated by influential executive producers Shavy Shav and Uncle Dimitri, the EP offers a glimpse into the life of the 31-year-old artist from Ongwediva.

“The EP explores my journey through schools, jobs and encounters with captivating women who serve as kryptonite,” says Hyphy.

He adds that ‘Less Is More’ lives up to its name by providing minimal information that paints a larger and more intricate picture.

The EP features six songs, each narrating a unique story. From ‘Speech from the Throne’, which showcases his lyrical prowess, to ‘Raindrops’ – a nod to his ego and an Oshiwambo phrase that suggests ‘one who makes it rain is adored’.

‘Don’t Take Ls’ is a motivational anthem encouraging resilience in the face of losses and an ode to using lessons learned for future victories.
Hyphy says ‘Show Me’ featuring Low Wabbi is one to look out for, offering a taxi driver’s viewpoint of the challenges of a man in love with a beautiful woman who craves affection.

‘Hygh Note’ is an upbet and soulful track that reveals the singer’s aspirations of ending on a high note, while ‘Elite’ is a drill-inspired song that exemplifies the rapper’s drive for perfection and is sure to get your head bumping.

‘Less Is More’ was released earlier this month and is available on various digital platforms, including iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer and Tidal.

“For those seeking a tangible connection to this exceptional musical experience, CDs will be made available upon demand,” he says.

The EP provides a tantalising preview of what listeners can expect from the full album, ‘Notes by Papi’, nothing but the truth conveyed through melodic vibes, he says.

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