How Many Presidents Will It Take to Create a Life Worth Living?

At a time when citizens are facing the harsh realities of poverty and unemployment, it is shocking to witness our government allocating an embarrassing high amount of N$25 million for the purchase of 32 vehicles.

While we respect the authority of our country’s leaders, we, as responsible citizens, believe it is our duty to voice our concerns.

The sum allocated for these vehicles could have been channelled into job-creating projects, such as building five kindergartens or something.

These educational institutions play a pivotal role in shaping the future of our children and fostering a more educated society. Are we saying we have enough of these? I thought the only thing we have enough of in this country is corruption and injustice.

Furthermore, the same budget could have been used to supply chairs and educational infrastructure to schools struggling to provide environments which are conducive to learning.

Many of our schools are in dire need of these resources, and investing in education is investing in the future of our nation. Cars will just cause more polution.

These very millions could also be used to buy sanitary pads.

How bewildering that a government, which should prioritise the well-being of its citizens, values sex more than sanity.

Not so long ago we witnessed millions being spent on the production of condoms, while there is a glaring lack of attention to distributing free sanitary pads at schools.

Here we are again, with millions being spent on useless things.

There’s nothing wrong with being part of the elite, as long as one does not prioritise one’s own business over people’s basic needs.

Such funds could also have been used to renovate even a part of Katutura Intermediate Hospital, which currently resembles a ghost town.

How do you sleep knowing you’ve spent money on vehicles, while you have hospital environment giving people nightmares?
Prioritisation is crucial.

It is apparent that the decision to invest in government vehicles primarily serves the interests of a select group of elites and government officials.

Our young people are grappling with unemployment, and our facilities are crying out for much-needed resources.

The government must acknowledge the pressing issue of youth unemployment and job creation.

Its ability to allocate such substantial sums to buying vehicles falsely suggests financial stability.

Our government has the ability to address the plight of our nation’s devastated youth.

The true measure of a nation’s success lies in the well-being and happiness of its people, not in the luxury of its officials’ vehicles.

One still wonders if this would work, and whether socialism is the way out of this mess, because honestly, how many presidents will it take to create a life worth living?

Eliphas Mill-Jam

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