‘Homo Hysterics’: A night of laughter, music, and queer celebration

In a world that is evolving and becoming more inclusive, the importance of queer spaces cannot be overstated.

These spaces provide a safe haven for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and intersex (LGBTQI+) community to express themselves freely and celebrate their identities.

One such space is being curated in the heart of our city, with the upcoming comedy show ‘Homo Hysterics’.

Organised by the talented playwright, activist and comedian Jonathan Sasha, this show promises to be a night of laughter, music and queer celebration like no other.

Set to take place at The Brewers Market on 30 November during the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence celebrations in Namibia, this is more than just a comedy showcase, it’s testament to the power of unity and creative expression.

The show will be hosted by the fabulous Gigi Has Arrived, a beloved figure in the queer community.

Gigi’s infectious energy and quick wit make her the perfect choice to guide the audience through a night of entertainment and empowerment.

Vernon and Friends will provide the musical backdrop for the evening, ensuring the atmosphere is filled with joy and rhythm.

Their music will set the stage for a night of celebration and unity.

But the heart of ‘Homo Hysterics’ lies in its comedy line-up.

Jonathan Sasha, known for his dark humour and insightful social commentary, will be headlining the show.

Joining him will be the hilarious OC Ebs, the irreverent Hildegard Titus and the witty Janice Tobias.

These comedians bring their unique perspectives and experiences to the stage, promising a night of laughs that will have you in stitches.

“We want to generate positive and diverse perceptions of the LGBTQI+ community by showcasing a range of talents, and we want to break negative stereotypes and provide economic empowerment to queer artists.

“Our objective is to harness public support, cultivate positive dialogues, address misconceptions of the community, and empower creators to express themselves freely without fear of judgement or discrimination.”

Queer spaces like ‘Homo Hysterics’ are essential for many reasons: They provide a platform for individuals to express themselves and their stories. It’s a place where laughter isn’t just entertainment, but also a way to address and break down the stereotypes and misconceptions surrounding the community.

Moreover, these spaces offer a sense of belonging and solidarity, Sasha says.

They remind LGBTQI+ individuals that they are not alone, that they are supported, and that they have a vibrant community to turn to in times of joy and need.

He adds that ‘Homo Hysterics’ embodies this spirit of unity and acceptance.

So, mark your calendars and get ready for a night of comedy, music, and a celebration of queer identity at ‘Homo Hysterics’.

Join Jonathan Sasha, Gigi Has Arrived, Vernon Sawyers and a stellar line-up of comedians and musicians for a night that promises to be more than just hysterical – it will be historic.

  • Anne Hambuda is a poet, writer and social commentator. Follow her online or email her annehambuda@gmail.com for more.

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