Her boyfriend went to the shop to buy pants and never came back home

Woman shocked after her boyfriend left and never came back home. Picture: Pexels Liza Summer

What would you do if your boyfriend kissed you goodbye and never came back?

Well, TikTok user Lynze @lynzedukes from New Jersey had it happen to her and took to the video app to share her unbelievable story.

She had been dating her boyfriend for three years, living together for over a year and a half, when he decided to perform his disappearing act.

“One day he says: ‘I’m going to run to the store in the afternoon to grab some pants for a wedding we’re attending’,” shared Lynze.

She added that they had already booked a hotel and RSVPed for the wedding which was taking place the next day.

He then left and kissed her goodbye like everything was fine and took her car.

After an hour went by, she started to wonder why he was taking so long.

But then two hours after he left, she received a text message from him saying: “Sorry to leave this way. I just didn’t want an argument or a long discussion. I left your car at Quick Check and I put your keys in the trunk.”

She added that he then changed his phone number after leaving and now she can’t get hold of him.

With 1.5 million views Lynze’s story soon went viral. Thousands of people commented on her post with some folks sharing similar tales.

“My 1st marriage ended on our wedding night. He went downstairs at the hotel on our honeymoon to ‘buy cigarettes’ and never came back,” wrote on viewer.

“Mine kissed me goodbye and said ‘I’ll be back’ but never came back. I was 4 months pregnant, his son is now 27,” shared another woman.

“My ex left for work and GOT MARRIED to someone else. His friend called me and told me he didn’t know we broke up. I didn’t know either,” said another.

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