Healing Habit’s journey of resilience and growth

Despite experiencing challenges along the way, Healing Habit, a
skincare company founded by Helena Ndatega Kambonde, has persevered and consistently emerged stronger.

Healing Habit was formed in 2021 and develops and sells its own line of skin care products.

The brand sells items such as facial treatment oil and cream, bar soaps (ranges of bentonite clay X Shea butter bar, turmeric and vitamin C, herbal, charcoal and Moringa), handcrafted toothpaste, herbal-infused scalp oil, herbal-infused beard oil, beard conditioner and beard butter.

Kambonde says starting a business, especially for skincare is not a walk in the park. She says over the years she had quite a few setbacks.

“Making a product that satisfied me was truly one of the hardest setbacks. When I finally found my niche after one year, that is when I decided to confidently go out there. Through all that, I was able to meet up with people that gave me phenomenal advice. Biggest thanks to Twapandula Nghifindaka,” Kambonde says.

Kambonde adds that Namibia has a thriving skincare market, which gives opportunities for unique ideas.

“Growing up, I was always in love with nature. In the midst of that, I took it upon myself to figure out what I could do whenever I was ill. I was never fearful, because I believe my faith played a huge role. In 2021, it dawned me: if I could do so much for myself, why not do it to help the people, and that is when I started Healing Habit.”

She is pleased about the brand’s growth and development over the years, she says.

She recently introduced a new toner for eliminating different types of acne, hyperpigmentation, dark spots, sun burn and malesma, she says.

The brand’s toner is made from cloves and turmeric, she adds.

“We believe that having a skincare routine is one of the most important daily regimens a person can have. Therefore, we offer an extensive line of natural handcrafted products to help our customers keep their skin healthy and beautiful. Every product of Healing Habit has a hint of herbs, spices and roots,” Kambonde adds.

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