Have a Conversation with Your Boss About the Promotion You Missed Out On

You didn’t get that promotion you were ex- pecting.

How should you talk to your manager about your disappointment, and how do you move forward?

Start by clearly expressing your disappoint- ment, and seek to understand what went into the decision not to promote you.

Listen for explicit criteria.

Ideally, you’ll gain some insight into your manager’s perspective and intentions, as well as signal your desire for a more transparent working relationship.

Then, reiterate your goals.

Explain to your new manager exactly what it is you want and why.

Come prepared with evidence to support your case, including highlights of your most valu- able work and how it has contributed to larger organisational goals.

Next, request specific feedback on your per- formance and potential areas for improvement. You can then use this feedback as a roadmap to build and refine your skill set and demonstrate

your value to the organisation.
Finally, ask for advice.
Requesting your manager’s guidance on what

you can do to earn a promotion next time may enlist their trust and support.

* This tip is adapted from ‘Getting Along: My New Manager Didn’t Give Me the Promotion I Was Promised’, by Amy Gallo.

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