Govt trashes struggle kids registration claims

Edson Haufiku

The Ministry of Defence and Veterans Affairs has trashed claims that ‘children of the liberation struggle’ should register with the ministry next month to receive government benefits.

This comes after an audio clip circulating on social media is informing the public that these individuals need to register from next month onwards.

Ministry spokesperson Edson Haufiku says the audio clip tells the public that employed and unemployed children of the liberation struggle should register at the ministry from 1 May to 31 July.

“The ministry would like to inform the public that it has not planned for and is not aware of any government initiative to register the children of the liberation struggle to receive veterans’ benefits,” he says.

Haufiku says the ministry has repeatedly made efforts to investigate the origin of the clip, but has not been successful.

“This thus led us to the conclusion that the information in the audio was concocted by unscrupulous elements to stir the emotions of the children of the liberation struggle to cause commotion leading to violence,” he says.

Haufiku says government information would always be dissemminated by the various ministries, such as the defence ministry in the case of veterans, and the youth ministry in the case of the children of the liberation struggle, through the media,” he says.

Other means are through regional government offices, the Namibia National Liberation Veterans Association, or the Namibia Exile Kids Association.

Haufiku has urged the public to always confirm the authenticity of information regarding the veterans and children of the liberation struggle from the veterans affairs regional offices.

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