Going on a Date with Insufficient Funds

Unless you are a trust fund guy, I’m sure most men have experienced not having enough money to cover a date.

This may have happened typically during high school, university or even while employed – being attracted to a lovely girl or woman and you simply have to take her out on a date, regardless of your bank balance.

Let me share a story from a while ago.

About eight years ago, I went on a date despite not having enough money for it.

I certainly didn’t want to appear broke, so I decided to take her to Primi, a place I used to enjoy, but which is closed now.

I told her to order anything she desired. It turned out to be one of the biggest regrets of my life.

Her drink cost N$85 – some colourful concoction, perhaps a mocktail or cocktail.

If I recall correctly, her food was nearly N$300.

Keep in mind I only had N$500 for everything, including taxi money.

Picture Maerua Mall – it wasn’t an easy situation, and I needed to pay for a taxi to take her home.

I had to think on my feet. I opted not to order anything, saying I had eaten at home, so I opted for water instead.

Meanwhile, she enjoyed her meal and even ordered another drink.

When we finished, she had the nerve to ask me where we should go next.

Anyway, the story has to end there.

From my observation, this is an experience men often encounter, which women may not even notice, and for some men, it can occur on a larger scale.

I’ve taken the lessons from that and improved over the years.

The truth is: Men sometimes try too hard.

Some women are blessings from above and don’t require capability or capacity.

Perhaps all she wanted was a good conversation and to share a pizza, which would have made it more romantic.

Furthermore, the energy and excitement is very high with first dates, and simplicity often proves to be the most effective approach.

However, a common occurrence thereafter is the misconception that men are well off, leading to the expectation that they would keep paying going forward.

The truth is, this generosity typically occurs only at the start.

Traditionally, when a man asks a women out on a date, it is expected that the man pays, which I believe is fair.

However, as the relationship progresses beyond the first few dates and into a more established stage, the bill should be split.

Personally, I advocate for the equitable sharing of expenses or taking turns

However, it seems men are viewed as sponsors or financial institutions.

Picture this, after a decade of marriage, the expectation remains that the husband must always settle the bill when taking the wife out.

Why can the wife not contribute to these expenses?

The taboo notion of women paying in modern society is confusing.

This outdated mindset baffles me sometimes.

Anyway, perhaps I am frugal, but women need to start paying for bills.

Yes, we know your money is yours alone, but men spend more on women than women spend on them.

Take that advice!

– Meneer_SK advocates men’s grooming and all matters relating to men. Follow him on Instagram @Meneer_SK

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