Gobabis Needs a Complete Facelift

The pride and indeed the capital of the great Omaheke region urgently needs a complete facelift.

I remember visiting this town as a young boy with my mother for the first time in the mid-nineties and wow, what a beauty it was.

But nowadays, whenever I visit Gobabis, aka #Hoandawes, as a result of my agricultural activities, I am saddened by the waste and unhygienic situation prevailing at the town.

If I, an ordinary Namibian, am disturbed by this deteriorating situation, how much more so other visitors?

I think it’s high time that both the Gobabis municipality and town council be held accountable for what is happening at this strategically located town, which is the gateway to the rest of southern Africa.

For more than 30 years taxpayers’ money and other gross domestic product percentages have been diverted to this town for developmental purposes, yet there is only one tarred road running through it on your way to the B6. The premises of the town council and municipality is an eyesore.

There are no toilet facilities at major retailers and businesses. There are basically no public toilets in town apart from payable ones at filling stations.

I wonder when Namibia’s health minister last visited Gobabis to come and experience first-hand the poor service delivery and filth at Gobabis State Hospital, not to mention the treatment and language used when addressing the San people.

The image displayed by Gobabis is that of a big village being influxed by people from surrounding farms and settlements.

Gobabis genuinely needs a complete facelift to restore the beautiful smile of the face of the ‘great Omaheke region’.

Upcoming Omaheke Communal Farmer

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