Give Teachers Their Flowers

Asser Nakale

I don’t want to undermine other professions in any way, but if there’s one profession that is of paramount importance in the mentoring and upbringing of a child, it’s teaching.

Teaching plays a major role in shaping people’s futures through the gradual and systematic instilling of knowledge and academic skills.

Not only do they play an important role in shaping and directing the character and intellectual development of a child, teachers impact the overall well-being of a child.

In collaboration with parents, they contribute significantly to, among others, a child’s social and emotional development; moral and ethical values; cultural and social awareness; communication skills; as well as discovering and nurturing talents.

Considering everything they contribute to the development of a child, teachers deserve nothing short of praise and appreciation.

However, I don’t believe they get the appreciation they deserve.

If anything, their efforts are often overlooked and they may face unjust criticism because of circumstances largely beyond their control.


While it is important to hold individuals accountable, particularly when their roles directly affect children’s lives, teachers should not bear the sole responsibility for educational outcomes.

Education is a multifaceted endeavour that demands collaboration and contributions from all stakeholders.

If there are any shortcomings, all stakeholders should be held equally accountable.

At times, it appears that teachers are burdened with excessive expectations, while insufficient effort is made to enhance the learning environment and address their working and living conditions.

Some teachers still camp in shacks at schools, with no clean water or proper sanitation

Some also lack appropriate teaching equipment and sufficient stationery.

These are but a few of the hurdles that hinder effective teaching.

Yet a flawless performance is expected from teachers, many of whom operate on improvisation.

Teachers deserve a fair chance to improve on their shortcomings without undue pressure. They deserve greater recognition for their efforts.

While some individuals struggle to interact with just a few people they encounter daily, or even with their own children for a short time, teachers must engage with diverse learners from varied backgrounds and upbringings.

On top of this, teachers are expected to explore and employ the most appropriate and effective methods to impart knowledge and discipline.

The level of tolerance, patience and commitment required for such tasks is truly commendable.


I am not insinuating that other professions have it easy or are less significant, nor do I suggest that teachers are flawless.

Like all human beings, teachers have their imperfections.

However, I believe their dedication and hard work are often overlooked, and they are sometimes judged on shortcomings that are often beyond their control.

I believe that most if not all teachers are motivated by a genuine passion for teaching and approach their work with dedication.
While it’s fair to hold them accountable, I also believe they deserve their flowers for their efforts.

  • Asser Nakale is an assistant archivist in the ministry of education, Oshikoto Region. This article is written in his personal capacity. Twitter (X): @AsserNakale;

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