Geingob’s N$800 000 watch sold for N$7 000

OVILI YONGUSHU … Ovili yoRolex yapelesidente Hage Geingob oyo ya vakwa po komunambelewa waye umwe weameno, oo e lineekelwa neenghono, oya landifwa po koN$7 000.

Former president Hage Geingob’s Rolex watch, allegedly stolen by one of his trusted security guards, was sold for N$7 000.

According to sources, the value of the watch is about N$800 000.

This was confirmed by a senior government source.

The suspect sold the watch to the son of a former minister.

Political analyst Ndumba Kamwanyah said: “I do not know the authenticity of the story, but if it is true that the person that was guarding the president could do that, it is just unimaginable.”

“This speaks to the security and the safety of the president and everybody involved.” A video circulating on social media shows the suspect selling the watch in exchange for a computer box.

“I need like N$10 000 or N$7 000 just for now, I need to go and buy a computer box, it is very rare to get a computer box,” he said in the video.

According to sources, the watch was stolen two weeks ago, however, it was agreed that the matter would only be dealt with after the funeral.

“The officer allegedly sold the watch to a prominent political figure’s son. When he was interrogated by the police, he initially denied it.

Later on he admitted that he had bought the watch from the officer,” a source said.

Namibian Police inspector general Joseph Shikongo told The Namibian on Monday he was not aware of the case.

“The matter is maybe somewhere but not in my office, it was not brought to me here. You can check with the police stations, but nothing has been reported to me.” Shikongo did not answer calls yesterday.

The Namibian contacted the alleged buyer who did not respond to 18 calls and three messages since yesterday.

The Namibian also contacted the chief of protocol, Leonard Iipumbu, who only sent a greeting message but did not respond to questions relating to the incident.

Presidential spokesperson Alfredo Hengari and executive director in the Presidency Grace Uushona’s phones were unreachable.

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