Geingob, Masisi plannedto eliminate borders

Efano: Ombelewa yapelesidente yaBotswana MONDJOKONONA … Pelesidente Nangolo Mbumba napelesidente waBotswana Mokgweetsi Masisi pefimbo loshivilo dimbuluko shi na sha nokufimaneka nakufya pelesidente Geingob koGaborone Etitatu.

Botswana president Mokgweetsi Masisi says he and the late president Hage Geingob had plans to ultimately eliminate the border between the two countries.

Masisi revealed this at a memorial service for Geingob hosted by the Botswana government in Gaborone yesterday.

President Nangolo Mbumba and other senior government officials attended the event.

“President Geingob and I established an ambiance and pattern of which the ultimate objective could, hopefully one day, result in the elimination of the border between our two countries.

“May the soul of my dear brother, president Hage Gottfried Geingob, rest in eternal peace,” Masisi said.

Among other milestones between Namibia and Botswana, the two countries signed an agreement and launched the use of national ID cards as travel documents for the citizens of both countries at the Trans-Kalahari/Mamuno border post in February last year.
Masisi said when called upon, Botswana never failed to step up and offer a helping hand to Namibia.

“No wonder the late president Geingob had so much affinity and attachment to this country. In his fleeting time here on earth, we earned the whole of Namibia as a true friend of Botswana,” he said.

“Namibia is a good neighbour, and president Geingob has, throughout his lifelong quest and efforts to build this wonderful country, added value to the neighbourhood, a neighbourhood we in Botswana are resolute to continue embracing ceaselessly, with you, president Mbumba, at the helm and well beyond our terms of service.

“Botswana, Batswana, say a big thank you, for you made us better for having touched our lives,” Masisi said.

Mbumba, while delivering his tribute, said since independence, Geingob has spared no effort to work for the improvement of the lives of Namibians.

“We are comforted by the fact that president Geingob worked hard to liberate Namibia and charted a new future of prosperity for all Namibians,” Mbumba said.

He said Geingob left Namibia in much better shape than the country he found upon his return from exile.

“Your excellency, president Masisi, you forged a remarkable and brotherly relationship with an exceptional Namibian, a leader who symbolised unity, dedication and care for fellow human beings,” Mbumba said.

Mokgweetsi Masisi


The president said as pan-Africanists, Masisi and Geingob had a lot in common, adding that the two had many dreams for Namibia and Botswana.

“You realised a big one when you launched the use of identity (ID) documents as travel documents between Namibia and Botswana at the Trans-Kalahari/Mamuno border post on 24 February 2023.

“That groundbreaking initiative is facilitating trade in goods and services, including the movement of people along the common border,” Mbumba said.

Mbumba said people should emulate and celebrate the values of good neighbourliness and unity Geingob championed.
“Let us draw inspiration from his exemplary legacy as we continue the journey towards a better future for the people of Botswana and Namibia,” he said.

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