Gaza war in numbers

The war in Gaza entered its 100th day over the weekend with no end to the carnage in sight.

The war has been by far the bloodiest and most destructive episode of fighting between Israelis and Palestinians in the history of their decades-long conflict.

Here’s a look at the devastating toll of the war in numbers, per data organised by the Associated Press and sourced from the Palestinian Health Ministry, Israeli officials, as well as international observers and aid groups.


Palestinians killed in Gaza: at least 23 708

People killed in Israel: more than 1 300

Palestinians killed in the occupied West Bank: 347

Destruction in Gaza

Gaza’s buildings damaged/destroyed: 45-56%

Hospitals in Gaza partially functioning: 15 out of 36

Palestinian civilians facing “catastrophic hunger and starvation”: 576 600

School buildings in Gaza damaged: more than 69%

Mosques damaged: 142

Churches damaged: 3

Ambulances damaged: 121

Students out of school: 625 000


Palestinians in Gaza: 60 005

Palestinians in occupied West Bank: more than 4 000

Total Israeli injuries: 12 415

Israeli soldiers injured since 7 October 2023: 2 496

Israeli soldiers injured in ground offensive: 1 085


Palestinians displaced in Gaza: 1,8 million

Israelis displaced from northern and southern border communities: 249 263

West Bank Palestinians displaced: 1 208


Captives taken by Hamas on 7 October 2023: about 250

Captives released: 121

Captives remaining in the strip: 136

Captives killed or who died in Hamas captivity: 33

Palestinian prisoners released during week-long pause in fighting: 240


Dropped on Gaza: 29 000 bombs, munitions and shells

Rockets launched towards Israel: 14 000.

– Al Jazeera

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