Full Denim – Yes, No, Maybe?

Determining my response to double denim styling is not a simple black or white scenario, it’s a spectrum influenced by several factors.

Typically, double denim is a safe bet, but there are occasions when even the most experienced fashion icons don’t get it right. Surprisingly, there are those rare instances when individuals come close to hitting the mark. The outcome hinges on various elements, making it a nuanced decision each time.

Before we dive into the styling of denim let us quickly understand the history behind the fabric. Denim fabric originated in Nîmes, France, during the Middle Ages. The fabric was known as ‘serge de Nîmes’, which was eventually shortened to ‘denim’. It gained popularity when it was exported to England, where it was used to make sturdy trousers for workers. Later on, denim became associated with American culture, particularly with the advent of denim jeans, which were popularised during the California Gold Rush in the mid-19th century, according to Google.

Today, denim is produced and worn worldwide. Presently, Japan stands out as a leader in premium denim, with many brands sourcing raw materials from the country due to its renowned quality.

Let’s start by defining ‘double denim’. Simply put, it involves pairing a denim jacket with denim jeans. In Namlish, one would say jeans head to toe.

Here is my view on how best to rock this style. Consider the shades between your jacket and pants – it’s crucial. Opting for light pants and a dark jacket might throw off the balance and vice versa. Mixing bright colours, like pink jeans with a grey jacket, is definitely a fashion faux pas and is best avoided altogether.

What works best is similar shades of denim. When it comes to attire, treat double denim strictly as a casual outfit – it doesn’t transition well into formal or semi-formal settings.

The key lies in nailing the fit – avoid pairing an oversized jacket with overly tight jeans – it disrupts the overall look. Additionally, footwear plays a pivotal role in completing this outfit. Chelsea boots or white/black sneakers are your go-to options, while dress shoes such as Oxfords or Derbies don’t complement the casual vibe.

Remember, consistency is key – don’t attempt to blend 90% casual with 10% formal, it simply doesn’t work. And sandals? Just don’t do it! Keep accessories minimal yet refined – a watch, bracelet, cap and glasses strike the right balance. Sacrifice rings and neck pieces.

For layering purposes, a simple black or white plain t-shirt works wonders. Enhance your style with attention to detail and confidence, and you’ll have all eyes on you. If you are uncertain about committing fully to double denim, it’s best to rather avoid it. While there are no rules, this style can easily turn off course if not executed with finesse.

Denim’s strength and versatility have made it an enduring favourite among clothing enthusiasts worldwide. Iconic brands such as Wrangler, Lee, GStar Raw and Levi’s have engraved their names in denim history, crafting masterpieces that have stood the test of time.

While blue has long been the iconic shade of denim, the modern fashion landscape has seen an exciting array of colour variations emerging, including white, black, green, brown and beyond, offering endless possibilities for personal expression and style.

– Meneer_SK is an advocate for men’s grooming and all matters relating to men. Follow him on Instagram @Meneer_SK

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