From a back-up dancer to musician

ASPIRATIONS … Labantwana aims to take his music to new heights.

Labantwana Katjokwe Chindele, simply known as Labantwana, began his career as a back-up dancer before opting to pursue music full-time.

In an interview with The Namibian, Labantwana says he is happy about the recent release of his EP, ‘Dreams Are For Free’, which is the result of perseverance.

According to Labantwana, who primarily received backing from Katjokwe Chindele Entertainment, he is truly grateful to his fans and friends who believed in him and empowered him to be the best he can be.

The album is all about realising one’s aspirations, he says.

The six songs on the EP were produced by Yetutuliko Record and Drum Base.

Labantwana says the EP aims to inspire the youth and teach them to believe in themselves rather than put their trust in friends.

The EP includes a song called ‘Watch Your Back’, that talks about exercising caution and keeping an eye out for possible threats.

Another song, ‘First Money Cut’, explores the value of money and how, in the absence of it, one feels worthless.

“It discusses the struggles of trying to find a job and asks for help from fellow Namibians,” Labantwana says.

‘Get Happy’ is a cheerful tune that fits well for any celebration or pleasant occasion.

Born in the Kavango West region, Labantwana says his love of music started at the age of nine.

“When I was younger, I was discovered for my exceptional dance ability and was given the courage to start composing my own music.

“I started my music career as an underground artist, working incredibly hard to create my own distinct sound because of financial difficulties. But I never let my financial situation stop me from achieving my ambitions, instead I pushed myself to the absolute limit,” he says.

Additionally, Labantwana released a brand-new music video for the song ‘Watch Your Back’, which has received an overwhelmingly positive reception from supporters, with viewers encouraging the singer to keep going.

The video is an ode to his enthusiasm for music and displays his distinct flair and inventiveness.

RPM Records directed the ‘Watch Your Back’ visuals, which were filmed in Windhoek.

The video conveys the message not to trust people and to take care of oneself.

“I am excited about what the future holds and I am confident that with the support of my fans, friends and team, I will continue to make my mark in the music industry,” says Labantwana, who some in the industry have dubbed the largest musical cat in Namibia.

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