French finesse in bucket loads

APPEALING … The new Renault Captur turns heads and boasts a host of features. Photo: Francois Lottering

The French are renowned for their great taste. Be it food, wine, dresses and cars. For this reason, Top Revs wanted to see and learn more about their 2023 Renault Captur. The Captur is a series of sub-compact crossover SUVs with an appeal both inside and outside.

Expecting to receive a key from sales executive Lourens Diederiks, Top Revs was given instead a gadget looking like a cross between a small cellphone and a credit card. To make your Renault experience more enjoyable, there is even a dedicated place in the centre console to safely store the “key-card”.

Quite impressive just like the interior was the first impression of this little flat device that houses all the needs to remotely open (keyless entry), lock and activate the alarm. The car autolocks as you walk away from it to ensure no one can jam the signal using an anti-locking device.

That is just one of the many safety features to safeguard the owner and occupants.

Getting behind the wheel was an experience, like the French would say, “par excellence”. The car does not go into drive mode unless the driver and passenger(s) put on their safety belts. And do not even think of taking off your safety belt while driving, the car will stop until the safety belt is on again. Maybe to some it sounds like a waste of time, but the safety belts combined with the six airbags, are standard on this model.

In 1913, the automaker specialised in taylorism to ensure best standards when buying a Renault.

The Captur’s bi-tone colours give it a sporty look complemented with a host of world-class features like a floating console, three driving modes, wireless phone charger, blind spot detection, electrical parking brake hold, 17-inch aluminium wheels, to mention but a few.

The leather multi-functional steering wheel – housing a number of functions from speed cruise, hands-free kit and the radio controls – is heated for those cold winter mornings.

Another interesting gadget, though strangely placed, is the radio control console that is situated on the steering wheel column. Though it seems hidden, it is very easy to use and user-friendly once you get the grip of it.

Initially, Top Revs found the steering column an odd place to instal the radio controls, but soon got used to it and with the touch of a finger, without taking your hands off the wheel or eyes off the road, you can tune to different stations, set the volume or even mute the music. Like the French connoisseur would say “superb” design. But not worry even the passenger can set and change radio stations.

Top Revs was also chuffed with the GPS and driver’s assist system, as it gives you all the information needed when driving, like street names, direction and even warns the driver about the set speed limits. So no more excuses when a traffic officer pulls you over for speeding.

When it comes to looks and touch, the Captur is one of the cars high on Top Rev’s list for finesse.

When it comes to technical specifications, the engine delivers a hefty 113kW and needs less than 10 seconds to go from standstill to a 100kph. The maximum speed is, according to specifications, 193kmh.

The combined fuel consumption is calculated at an average speed of 100kph at 6,6 litres/100km.

With a 48-litre tank one can easily reach Keetmanshoop from Windhoek, with just over 200km left in the tank.

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