Former Miss Namibia now gemstone ambassador

Former Miss Namibia Cassia Sharpley has been appointed as the brand ambassador of Swarovski, an Austrian company renowned for designing, manu­facturing, and marketing high-quality crystals, genuine gemstones, as well as jewellery, accessories and lighting.

Sharpley was approached by Swarovski in 2022 and has since been preparing for the collaboration, she says.

Throughout her journey as Miss Namibia 2024, Sharpley’s gowns were crafted by designers who added great detail to the dress using Swarovski crystals.

“I am honoured to be their ambassador. This collaboration is very personal as much as it is professional, because of the sentiment I share through the designer’s gowns I wore on the Miss Universe stage.

“Every single crystal was placed on the gown by hand, with strategic planning and consideration in order to make the dress come alive with a special touch of royalty and class,” she said.

Sharpley says she is still pursuing modelling and pageants.

“I am pursuing modelling in many different sectors through collaborations, features and company branding,” she says.

She says she has a relationship with the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC).

“NBC has been a part of my family since my parents have been preachers in Namibia. NBC will always play a big role in everything I pursue. However, in terms of the Miss Namibia organisation, our relationship is non-existent, and I say this with no malice,” she says.

Sharpley is currently pursuing her career as an advanced life support paramedic and aims to obtain a degree in emergency medical care.

“No matter how long it takes, along the way, I learn everything I need to learn to make a success out of my life.

“Being a paramedic is more than just a uniform and a scope, it involves a heartbeat, a last breath, and a lingering soul holding onto their life,” she says.


In January, Sharpley announced her candidacy for the country’s presidency, despite the age limit set at 35 by the Namibian Constitution.

“I am working towards that goal persistently until I have the freedom to stand as a candidate. I had to make that statement at an early stage to prepare the nation and help it realise the youth is eager and willing.

“We want to see change, and we are the leaders of tomorrow, therefore I urge the nation to stand together and groom our young people into being voices instead of echoes in their respective advocacies, dreams and aspirations,” she says.

Sharpley is a member of the Namibian Youth Council as well as a champion of the World Health Organisation.

“The next Miss Namibia should know if your intentions are not pure and selfless from the start, you will not make it through your reign easily.

“Every photo shoot, every dress, every makeover – it’s not about you, and it’s not for you. The invitations you turn down, especially the ones you think are not relevant, the deeper you dig your grave of self-pity, slowly, but surely you lose yourself. You are signing a contract with your country,” she says.

Sharpley says young people should prioritise unity and reverence for God in their endeavours.

“We all need each other, especially because of the wealth that is locked up in our country finally coming to the surface. To maximise on being part of that success story, we need to stand together.

“Lastly, fear God, get familiar with the dread of God, and understand your mandate is not just a worldly mandate,” she says. –

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