Food stall incident leaves bitter taste

Oasis Food Stall

AN incident which took place at Oasis Food Stall at Usakos on Tuesday saw an angry customer being chased out of the shop after allegedly not paying her bill.

The customer, who has identified herself only as ‘Talohole’, has since shared a video on Instagram captioned: “So annoyed at the fact that those black ladies are trained to prioritise whites over blacks. I’m not one to scream racism, but they surely treated us differently, and I can only assume it was because of our skin colour.

“If you’re not bringing the bill, you’ll follow me outside.”

Oasis Food Stall manager Daniel Jordaan has also taken to social media, releasing a video statement on Facebook.

Jordaan said the staff members are highly upset about the incident, adding that a picture was painted about a situation “which was not the whole truth”.

Jordaan said he was called from his office by one of his employees saying some clients were driving off without having paid their bill.

“I didn’t know what kind of trouble there was, so I ran downstairs and grabbed the gas pistol – it’s a pepper spray pistol,” he said.

He said he could tell the customers were avoiding the bill, adding they were playing the race card, which he said was not the issue.

Jordaan said the situation was blown out of proportion

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