Families of Shikongo accident victims want N$15m

Joseph Shikongo

The families of Stephanus Lukas and Frans Ndengu, who perished in a car accident involving the inspector general of the Namibian Police, Joseph Shikongo, are demanding compensation of N$15 million from the police chief.

The accident took place in December 2022 along the Oshikango-Ondangwa road, claimed the lives of Ndengu, Lukas and Sofia Ananias.

Lukas’ father, Toivo Lukas, on Thursday said he and his family were not aware that the matter had been taken to a traditional court.

“We heard it for the first time on Wednesday that the matter is in the traditional court,” he said.

Shikongo on Wednesday told members of the public at Oshakati the matter would be resolved traditionally.

He did not say which traditional court would hear the case.

Toivo asked who Shikongo consulted in taking the matter to a traditional court.

“We will not go to the traditional court as we have already taken the matter where we believe we would get assistance,” he said.
Traditional court judges are appointed by presiding traditional authorities.

Ondonga Traditional Authority spokesperson Frans Enkali on Thursday said the matter is not being handled at their office.

Oukwanyama Traditional Authority spokesperson Andrew Niikaku said: “I am not sure whether it was taken there.”

Toivo said his family and that of Ndengu do not want an apology from Shikongo as they sought an audience with him and were not granted the opportunity to meet him.

“We want him to pay us N$15 million. We have nothing to discuss with him,” he said.

Ndengu’s brother Nabot is also demanding compensation of N$15 million.

“We have nothing to do with Shikongo. Why is he only coming to us when the deceased are already rotten?” he asked on Thursday.


Speaking at Oshakati on Wednesday, Shikongo said the accident was not intentional.

Last week the Lukas and Ndengu families staged a demonstration asking for the removal of Shikongo from his position as the inspector general.

“I don’t think anyone has the audacity of crashing a vehicle into another vehicle or causing that intentionally,” he said.

Shikongo said the public should allow the court process to take its course.

The police announced earlier last year that they have been investigating Shikongo in connection with culpable homicide and reckless and negligent driving, but this was not completed by mid-December last year.

Calls and texts to Shikongo went unanswered at the time of going to print.

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