Etosha – Our Most Valuable Asset

On 17 February I, my wife and friends enjoyed a stay at the Okaukuejo Camp in the Etosha National Park.

We ventured on a trip to the western part of the park, towards m`Bari but due to the bad condition of the road and fear for the vehicle and its occupants, we did not risk going further than the Spooky Forest. The road was in no condition to travel on. (Unless you travel in a rented car, of course.)

We had admired all the heavy road maintenance equipment moments before, which were standing ready to keep the roads in good condition but these were obviously not being used.

May I ask why all these machines are not in operation? Is there a shortage of fuel, parts or maybe operators?

The night before, on 16 February, all the inhabitants and visitors of the Okaukuejo Camp admired the most beautiful sunset.

Unfortunately when the sun had gone down, the waterhole remained dark as the spotlights over the drinking hole were not turned on.

I took it upon myself to report the missing spotlights to the employees in the restaurant.

One of the employees at the camp, Sammy Amunjela, took the responsibility to turn off the missing operator and turned the lights on.

The person in charge apparently was “on standby” but obviously was otherwise occupied.

I would like to thank Amunjela for his engagement to save Namibia from an unnecessary embarrassment.

It should be considered of high importance, that paying visitors from all over the world, who are waiting expectantly for the worldwide advertised ‘African experience’, are treated with respect. We cannot afford negative advertisements. As the Etosha National Park is one of our most valuable assets, it should be kept in good functional condition to represent Namibia.

Lastly, I would like to mention that it is a disgrace that visitors have to wait at the reception when the only person allowed to handle cash is absent from the desk. There should be at least two people to handle cash. Some visitors will be in a hurry to get on the road to reach other destinations.

Nevertheless, being a local resident, it is always a pleasure to visit Etosha. The restaurant at Okaukuejo is really worth a visit.

Werner Milke

Via email

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