Entrepreneur offers free counselling and business training

Entrepreneur Rakkel Ndeutala is giving back to the Samora Machel and Moses Garoëb communities in Windhoek by offering members free entrepreneurial sessions, computer lessons and counselling.

Ndeutala says not everyone can afford a psychologist or business training.

The Namibian in September reported that a total of 1 542 Namibians took their own lives between 1 April 2020 and 31 March 2023.

This figure inspired Ndeutala to launch her project to provide community members, including expectant and new mothers, with counselling.

“The aim is to save a soul, a baby, a mother and a father. Emotional support for people going through hardships, who are suicidal, abusing substance or who lack support from their loved ones is crucial,” she says.

Ndeutala and her team spent Thursday at Moses Garoëb counselling more than 30 people, including 10 expectant mothers.

She says the day was all about sharing love and handing out some groceries and toiletries.

Samora Machel constituency councillor Nestor Kalola has commended the initiative, saying the community needs to be empowered, and entrepreneurs who lack business skills are likely to fail.


Ndeutala says over 500 people have benefited from her business training so far.

About 150 aspiring entrepreneurs from the Samora Machel constituency received certificates for participating in a business management skills course last week.

They were taught how to register a businesses, write business proposals and secure sponsorships, Ndeutala says.

She says due to the high unemployment rate, people should become self-employed, rather than wait for employment.

Starting and running a business is challenging, and many entrepreneurs have great ideas, but lack the financial resources to turn them into reality, she says.

“A business plan is one of the main requirements for an entrepreneur to get funding. We cannot rely on the government to create jobs, because it simply can’t generate enough opportunities for everyone,” Ndeutala says.

She urges young people to challenge themselves to step up and start creating business ideas.

Business and Intellectual Property Authority senior client services consultant Chrizelda Winkler, who attended last week’s certificate handover, says it’s important that first-time business owners are informed of the registration process.
She advises them to refrain from paying people who claim they can speed up the business registration process.

Namibia Revenue Agency (Namra) senior tax officer Agnes Tjimbundu, who also attended the event, says tax education for entrepreneurs should be compulsory, since some people still do not understand Namra’s role.

Entrepreneurs also need to be well informed about tax returns and amnesty programmes.

Geraldine Blokstaan (27) from Greenwell Matongo, who successfully participated in the entrepreneurial skills course, says she is grateful for the opportunity to have received free training and to now be equipped with business skills.

“Now I can start my business and start selling donkey meat,” she says.


Ndeutala says she has trained more than 780 young people on computer literacy since last year.

“I offered free computer classes to underprivileged children in our communities – mostly to those in grades 6 to 11,” she says.

“So far, we have trained 780 children, with a long waiting list of pupils who have shown interest and have registered in advance. We have taken this initiative to equip them for a better future,” she says.

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