Electric bakkiehits the dirt

Soaring fuel costs are plaguing Namibian farmers, but the Disco E-Car, an electric vehicle (EV) currently undergoing testing, may be the answer.

Top Revs got behind the wheel of this unique EV to see how it tackles Namibia’s rough terrain.

Gero Bajorat, the importer, explains they chose the Disco E-Car for its affordability, ease of use and potential for local customisation.

Key modifications were made at DIS Engineering at Otjiwarongo to suit Namibia’s needs.

A durable load box capable of holding half a tonne was built, along with underbody protection, increased ground clearance, and a bull bar for added toughness.

“We lifted it for more ground clearance,” says Bajorat.

“It has a solid differential at the back, and the electric motor is on the diff.”

This simplifies maintenance by eliminating parts like gearboxes and prop shafts.

The Disco E-Car boasts a 2×4 drivetrain with 190mm of ground clearance (unloaded), enough to handle most farm roads.

The suspension is built for Namibia’s gravel, with a double wishbone front set-up and leaf springs in the rear.

But the customisation doesn’t stop there.

“We can design and build various applications according to customer needs,” Bajorat says.

The target market includes lodges, security companies, mines and farms.

The cabin is basic, but functional, seating two comfortably and featuring essentials like safety belts, lights and charging ports.

Operation is simple with an automatic transmission and a single dial for drive and reverse.

Charging is easy via a plug-in point at the front, compatible with standard house outlets or solar power.

Currently left-hand drive, the Disco E-Car will be converted to right-hand drive for Namibia.

While not yet road-legal, it appears to be the perfect electric workhorse for farms and potentially urban deliveries in the future.

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