Ees surprises children with ‘Nam Flava’ shoes

Award-winning artist and entrepreneur Eric Sell, better known as Ees, recently visited the Side by Side early intervention centre at Katatura, Windhoek and surprised children with his famous Nam Flava shoes.

Beyond his musical career, Ees has been involved in various charity activities, particularly in the areas of education and youth empowerment.

Ees says shoes represent hope and the children would feel national pride wearing them, as they feature the Namibian flag.

“My mother is one of the members at the Lions Club and told me about this Side By Side centre and how they have supported it in the past. Then one of the helpers there contacted me via social media for a visit.

“I then decided to bring the kids some of my shoes. I believe they will be proud to wear them,” he says.

Ees says celebrities can inspire positivity by just going to places and speaking to people.

He says he has been getting a lot of support from his supporters and felt he had to give back.

“This donation is just a very small sign of appreciation for what is being done at Side by Side. I was completely blown away by the whole set-up, and very emotional about how much positive energy these children have.

“A visit like this really opens your eyes and makes you appreciate what you have. It was very emotional for me,” he says.

Ees says Namibian children are close to his heart.

“We need to build our future and make sure they get the confidence they need to continue making Namibia better for future generations.

“It’s not too much to ask. We have enough and even just a little helps. I will continue to find ways to support initiatives and schools like this in the future,” the German X-Factor winner of 2018 says.

Ees said he is currently pushing his Nam Flava brand in Europe and is also working on a new album.

“I am playing around with some amapiano sound, but mixing it with kwaito, because that is what I grew up with,” he says.

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