Don’t threaten our peace and security – Mbumba

President Nangolo Mbumba sounded the alarm against those he says are seeking to disrupt Namibia’s peace, unity and economic progress.

Speaking at the 34th Independence Day commemoration at Katima Mulilo on Thursday, Mbumba called on all citizens to reject divisive elements and uphold the collective interest of the country.

“Those who are planning to disturb peace, unity and economic development in Namibia are enemies of all our people. True citizens of Namibia should not support or follow these individuals or groups who have chosen the path of division instead of the path of unity,” Mbumba said.

Mbumba called on the security cluster to increase vigilance to safeguard Namibia against external and internal threats.

He also urged citizens to reject destructive ideologies such as tribalism, racism, regionalism, corruption and crime.

“Rather, let us become wise nation builders, pulling together in one direction to decisively win the second phase of the struggle for economic freedom and shared prosperity of our people,” Mbumba said.

As Namibia prepares to head to the polls on 27 November, Mbumba stressed the importance of upholding law and order to ensure peaceful, credible and fair elections.

“We all have a collective responsibility to ensure that Namibia maintains its reputation as a peaceful and stable country.”

He said over the past 34 years, Namibia has built a proud legacy of democracy, peace, stability and unity in diversity.

“Now we must summon the resolve to forge ahead and together, take care of this Namibian House so that it becomes a true home of hope, joy and prosperity for all its citizens and generations to come,” Mbumba said.

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