DJ KBoz moves back home


After 23 years of living in Namibia, DJ KBoz, popularly known as ‘The Turntable King’, has moved back to his home country Kenya.

The artist says moving back to Kenya was a decision he had to make “to feed my family”.

After announcing his relocation, KBoz spoke to saying: “Yes, I have relocated for good, but I will always be coming to Namibia because my son is there, and I still have property that side.

“I decided to come back home and work from here. Things in the entertainment industry are currently not good, so sometimes one needs to make moves.”

He says the Namibian music industry is not likely to recover soon, hence the back-up plan.

KBoz says he has been depending on music for his whole life, and it was about time he explored new avenues.

“I had to make a plan. My son needs to be taken care of, and I had to figure out what I can do. Although I studied music, I had to make that decision, and changing locations was one of them.

“I have been wanting to relocate for a long time. I think it’s a good move for me.”

Describing his experience in Namibia, the award-winning producer and DJ says he had the opportunity to launch his first album in the country, and has worked with many local artists.

KBoz has worked on award-winning tracks such as ‘Boss Madam’ by Sally, ‘Onkalamwenyo’ by Mushe, ‘Koskola Daar’ by Exit and ‘Tuhafeni Pamwe’ by Blossom.

He was part of a team that produced albums such as ‘Letter to the President’ by Mushe, and ‘Komuthima Gwomeya’ by Blossom.

He was also involved in a number of genres such as hip-hop, RnB, jazz, house, pop, rock, Afro-pop and dancehall.

“My experience in Namibia was the greatest ever. This is the country that launched my career. I had the opportunity to work with the best of the best musicians in the country, like Tate Buti, Gazza, King Tee Dee, Topcheri, I mean I helped Sally Boss Madam grow her career to where it is today.

“I also got to release my first album under Omalaeti Productions. I am one of the producers who has been relevant in every generation of music. I have worked with so many artists, and those are things I can never take for granted,” he says.

KBoz says he has learnt to be humble and grounded to get things done. –

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